Press Release - Storm Sirens

February 20, 2018

On March 17, 2018 a Tornado Warning was issued for Southeast Camden County and Northeast Laclede County.  Several citizens of the City of Camdenton have questioned why the Tornado Sirens for the City of Camdenton were not sounded for this warning.  Several years ago, the National Weather Service refined their method for determining tornado warning areas during severe weather.  With this revised method the National Weather Service now issues a warning polygon where the precise track of a potential tornado is plotted and this area is where the warning is issued.  This was done to avoid repeated warnings, false warnings and to issue warnings specific to the storm track as indicated by radar.  When this method of warning was developed, the City of Camdenton met with officials from the National Weather Service, Emergency Management and the Fire Department and based on input from the National Weather Service it was decided that the City of Camdenton would update their storm siren policies to mandate that the City of Camdenton sirens would only be sounded when any part of the City was included in the Warning Polygon

During the weather event on March 17, 2018 the polygon only included areas in the southern portion of the county.  The Northern edge of the warning polygon only extended to the south Highway 5 and Highway 7 intersection (near the Camdenton Airport).  At no time during this event was any portion of the Camdenton City limits included in the warning area and per City of Camdenton policy as the warning did not include any portion of the City limits, the City sirens were not sounded. 

The Mid County Fire District and the City of Camdenton would also like to take this opportunity to remind all citizens that the sirens are designed to warn people that are outside of a building or residence.  We encourage all citizens of the City to have a working weather radio or phone app so that you are assured of receiving a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning when one is issued.  We would also encourage each person to read or listen to the warning to determine if their current location is in the path of the warned area.  Should anyone have any questions about the siren policy or weather-related policies, they are encouraged to contact the Camdenton City Hall at (573)346-3600.  We are now in the severe weather season and everyone is encouraged to have a storm warning plan, a working weather radio or phone app and emergency kit prepared should the City experience a severe weather event.